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    Welcome to my blogsite! My name is Jen Pope and I am a natural light photographer based in Newark, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love using my creative side and producing images for you and your family. I specialize in families, babies, children, and portraits.
    My style is simple, bright, bold, and clean photographs.


Officially announcing the Grand Opening of my new Studio, which is so awesome, and annoucing my new FULL time photography business! I was previously doing photography on the weekends and working 40 hours a week. While I LOVE my dayjob, it has become time to slow down and focus more on my kids. I rarely get to see them anymore with how busy it as been over here. Unfortunately, my wonderful daycare is closing at the end of July and It has been a struggle to find a location for both of my little ones that we like. We are fourtunate that this photography is in a growing state that allows me to stay home with the kids and focus more on my photography clients!

Now through August 1, 2014 I am offering 15% off all sessions! You can take the discount on a general session, a newborn session, or even a grow with me package of sessions *( which is a great deal by the way!)

Please email or call me to book!
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Grow with me!

My GROW WITH ME  sessions have been such a huge success! I truly enjoy seeing all these newborns that I photograph turn into little cute smiley people. Here are some of the grow with me babies this year.


A GROW WITH ME  Session  includes 4 sessions each at 30 minutes long.  This is the perfect amount of time to keep their attention and the perfect amount of time to get those cute poses for all those milestones they do that first year.


When babies are newborns, they’re newborns. But as they start to get older, they reach little successes that seem like HUGE progress to mom and dad.


At 3months they start to hold up their own head and start to smile and blow bubbles.

2-1Gayrard 3 mos-29

At 6 months they can already almost sit on their own, and are usually pretty chatty!


At 9 months those little legs start moving and groving and we get those crawlers and standing up photos.


At 12 months it is so FUN to see them start to walk and Smash their first cake!

8-1 copycollage10-1baloons-1Brown-920-1

PTM 2012 9 up Collage Templage

Ethan Cake Smash-61



Happy Growing!!!

Diptych 1Diptych 2newborn 3 monthsDiptych 1TAMMY TIMELINEPTM Storyboard 3 Up_edited-2PTM Storyboard 3 Up





I have been asked after one year when the best times to take photos again and My recommendations would be  2 1/2  AND include their favorite toys, and Before and after the end of each school year ( kindergarten, etc) and then Holiday Photos in November/December!

abby and tate-1 copypaulson-1


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