Make. Shit. Happen.

A few day ago my sister called me sounding a little unmotivated. She’d been at that point of the day where she’d been working her normal day job and was frustrated with the fact that she wasn’t acomplishing what she really wanted to do. She was, like most of us, spending time doing what she had to do in order to make ends meet. When in reality she felt like she wanted to spend more time on the things she really enjoyed and making a better impact toward her life. She said she really wanted to spend time writing or blogging. She wanted to take her world traveling experiences and write that novel and those short stories that have been swirling around in her head for months.

That day she reminded me of myself, about 3 weeks earlier. She said her fear was standing in the way. Fear of the unknown. That kind of fear that your mind starts to bend and twist and make excuses for yourself and you start to believe them. Things like someone has already“done” that or I dont know “how”. I dont know where to “learn” from. She sounded like me in my efforts to become a photographer. I also spend my job doing thing to make ends meet. Feeling unmotivated because at the end of the day I dont feel like I’ve accomplished anything and I’m not satisfied. My brain has also made those excuses { someone has already“done”  that. I dont know “how”. I dont know where to “learn”}  I spent months making excuses for myself as to why I can’t be a photographer.  

When she spoke to me on the phone I told her about a revelation I had a few weeks back. I told her that I followed Ketti Phillips of “Ketti Handbags”  and came across a blog post of hers. If you are in the photography world than you might have seen some of her awesome photo gear bags. She’s got those chic one of a kind bags that you have to wait every monday at 9am to get one, and to find out that you weren’t fast enough to click to pay. She also does Photography. Lets just face it, shes freaking awesome. In any case, she posted a sign that said “MAKE SHIT HAPPEN” so of course it caught my attention. What shit? 

Like me, she was working on 5 bazillion things at once, while running a household, taking care of 2 kids. Spending time with her husband. Sounds familiar. She needed to get her “shit” together in order to grow her business but her fear of the unknown was standing in the way. I felt connected to her. I was also in that situation. Fear of the unknown, more questions, more costs. Will this return results? Will I feel satisfied? Will I feel accomlished? 

I pinned her story to my Pinterest wall. I feel like this is something most of us stuble upon throughout our life journey. Fear of the unknown.

Well… I am DONE with letting that fear control my life. I am done with letting those doubts and questions make excuses for myself. I never used to be so afraid when I was younger. WHAT happened? Time to make a change.

I am so thankful my sister came up with a plan and a daily reminder. She decided to create our own posters for Ketti’s moto. We are Makin SHIT happen folks! Get ready!  Please join us! Make a poster and post it in your house. People will ask, what shit? and you can tell them your goals 🙂 Great daily reminder! Thank you Ketti!!!!


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