My Family <3 { Bay Area Photographer }

I thought for sure this year we wouldnt have time to take family photos until January, but It was a little nice to rally up the kids for a super quick evening session and GAHHH, that light!!! I have to say, using a remote trigger and tri-pod is so awesome! I tried it last year with a timer, and had the worst time trying to run into the shot and have everyone looking at the camera. if you dont have a remote trigger for your camera, get one! It is so important for you to get in the shot!
I am loving that my kids know I take photos for a living, and that they have come so far in behaving behind the camera. They are no little angels, but we have learned what motivates them to crack that smile. In this case, it was Halloween corn candy on hand, and playground bribery!

Here are some fun things I have learned about photography this year:
1. Patience! * Everyone always says I am so patient, and nope… not me… Im too busy to be patient. But after scrolling through images, I have really learned to spend more time on that one shot, to get it right, then move on and have an awful image. Quality over quantity as been my motto this year.
2. Shooting in KELVIN! What the heck was I doing shooting in auto white balance for the past 4 years spending so much time editing to make the photos look warmer and more real. PSHHH…. silly me.
3. Newborn posing! I have learned SO SO much by attenting IN PERSON workshops and online workshops.
4. Studio Lighting! Again with the editing… People always say they are a natural light photographer because they have no access to studio or dont know how to use studio lights. I know because that was me… well 5 years later I wish I learned how to use them long ago! They are more consistent, look exactly like natural lights, and you can control the direction of the light source, and output! Genius! Not to mention its pretty impossible to find a studio with enough natural light to cover all times of the day for whatever session you want to do.

Next Years goals are to :
1. Be more intentional! This means spending more time to intentionally get the shot I desire. 30 minute sessions are going bye bye. Book them why they are there! ( till Dec 31)
2. Shoot Video! I would love to offer video snippets of your session. Im working on this now!

Im typically not a fan of Hanging Holiday Photos in the house all year long and prefer more of a “Spring Look” But I am digging the light and these kids so Canvases are being ordered today!


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