Newborn Session Guide


Newborn Session Guide

Thank you for considering me to take your newborn photos! I look forward to working with you. Newborns have very special needs and taking their photos require a little more attention so I have created this guide for you to review and prep before your session.

  • Newborn sessions are done within the first 14 days of being born for several reasons: They are more likely to stay asleep and cooperate during their poses, they still like to be curled up and don’t mind being posed and their flaky skin or baby acne has not set in yet. After 14 days old, they are less cooperative and it takes a lot of time to ease the baby.
  • Newborn sessions can be done at your home or my home. I am a natural light photographer, and it will be necessary that you have lots of yummy sunlight near an open window or sliding glass door. I will bring items to you, and I will need that open area to set up.
  • Arrival time will be during the baby’s sleepiest time, usually in the mid morning.
  • Make sure the room that has your most amount of light is free and clear from any obstacles, and other children, pets.
  • Babies sleep best when the room is nice and warm. I will have you turn up your heater to approximately 80 degrees in that area. I will also bring a small space heater to warm blankets and alleviate air drafts.


  • One of the most imperative things is to keep baby awake 2-3 hours before their session so that they are nice and sleepy. Do not feed them until right before we begin the session. When we begin, I will have you feed baby well, and this will keep baby nice and full during their session.
  • Make sure your nursery or bedroom is spiffy clean so we can take photos in their new room.
  • If your baby takes a paci, be sure to keep in handy. Even if baby does not intend on using one permanently, it is often convenient during pictures to keep baby calm and soothed for the 2-3 hours they will be taking photos. This is much easier than moving baby each time they need soothed. If you do not have one, I have new ones I keep on hand.
  • I will be prepared with wipes, burp cloths and rags, as babies will have accidents during their sessions. Newborn sessions are often in the nude so messes are normal! All of my blankets are pre-washed.
  • Your baby is working hard getting their photos taken, they will require a little more love than usual while they are modeling.


A typical newborn session is about 2 hours. After 2 hours, we all may need to take a break and cool off. We can get a lot of poses in 2 hours so after that we can evaluate how many photos we have and you can decide if you are prepared to continue. As a mother myself, I know how exhausted you are while nursing, and taking care of your new baby.


I look forward to meeting him or her!


– Jen Pope






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